Wednesday, 2 October 2013

I absolutely disagree with this statement. Some the reasons why I disagree with this statement is that you do not have to be a man just because you don't have to have a lot of money. A man is anyone a man could be gay, straight, black, white. A man doesn't have to love money. Most rugby players don't have a lot of money and yet the majority of professional rugby players would win a fight against 50 cent or jay-z. The connotations of 50 cent is that he is a tough man, that he is very wealthy (their is no denying that he is rich)and he beats up all the wimps and the weak men. "know man is a man who does not make himself better" this statement contrasts wrappers because wrappers make their money then retire. Wrappers just talk about how they smoke weed, the kill people, they get drunk every night and they get all the girls. however this is just a front. This makes them look hard and that if you verbally abuse them they will kill you. Wrappers try and think there tough through there looks and there music. You are not weak or a wimp if you don't get all the women. What they are trying to portray is a stereo-typical really good life for a man, this is not the life that all men. Furthermore, I hope this is not how my life turns out. That life is what is known as a "player!" Their is no such thing as a perfect man's life all men are different. Some men are good at sport, some men are good at music, some men are good at dance and drama and some men are just good at academic subjects like geography, science, maths. There is know definition, in my eyes, of a real man. That is why I completely disagree.

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