Saturday, 19 October 2013

                                                      Women used as sexual objects

I disagree with the whole concept of women being sexual objects. The artist are persuading the women to be in these music. But some of the girls used in these videos think that this is there dream and that they will make a huge living of doing these videos. A music video girl's career would around ten videos and that is not enough to live of.

Some girls think that they have to do a couple of music video for free before they can have their big brake in this industry. Furthermore, digital Dan said 'if they are getting paid they have to: stand there,shut up and get their breasts out. This means that if they are going to get paid they are commanded to do what the artist tells them to do. This is meaning that men are more superior the women which they are not they are equal.

Also, the women have to wear really revealing outfits to make them more sexy looking. The men who cased the women for these shoots are very flirty when they meet their client. This is to seduce the music video girl to do what the artist wants the music video girl to do.

However it is not always the man's fault some of the music video girls only want a career in this business to sleep with the artist. This increase their reputation and they become well known. Also  some of the girls wear bikini's or thongs to make the music video more sexual.

The song can sometime be really bad but because the music video is so outrageous this makes the song popular, e.g. blurred lines is an poor song  but because the music video has girls topples, dancing in thongs the song has become popular and has got over 2 million views on you tube.

Overall music video girls are a bad representative of girls on a whole.




You have a number of good points here, but you don't really have any specific examples to back up your points made.

T: Find examples and apply them to your chosen videos to help you fully explain your points.

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