Wednesday, 25 September 2013

          Evaluation of Photoshop image

My overall Photoshop image is good, of course there is things I should improve, but i thinks it is good at the moment. Some thing that went well was that I had finished because this was my first time using Photoshop and I felt that at the start my end piece was going to be bad.
WWW: If someone was to do the connotation for my piece I think that they would find quite easy.                            If someone was to do the denotations of my piece I think that they would have any trouble doing it                I think that the idea of my piece was good, linking to stereo-types (without knowing).
EBI: On the last lesson I changed idea which was stupid because that gave me no time to make anything               exciting.
        I feel like my cover was too plain it wasn't very exciting and catchy. If I had used a contrast in colours i         think that it would have pushed my mark up. 

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

                                         How To Include a Picture On Photoshop

Step 1: go onto the internet and find a picture you would like to include on your piece of paper
step 2: click on the picture and then right click on the picture and click on copy.
step 3: go onto Photoshop and make sure your on the arrow.
step 4: right click on a normal laptop or on an apple product go to edit and then click paste the picture will pop up on your page.
step 5: press ALT + T to change the size of the shape, rotate the shape or enlarge or decrase the size of the shape.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Number of the Beastthe denotation is that there is a skeleton with grey wig, a small red evil and a thunder storm in the background. The connotation is that this song could be a scary song because there are skeletons, devils and thunder.
Born in the USA the denotation is that there is a man with blue jeans, a grey t-shirt with a red hat tied to his jeans and the American flag in the background. The connotation is that the the American flag which could mean it is an American based songs.
 Is This It the denotation is there a women naked with a black glove on her right hand. the picture is in a black and white. The connotation is that there is a women naked this could mean this song is a romantic song. The lady's smooth skin could mean that the song is smooth.
Queen II  the denotation of this cover is that there is 4 men with long hair in the dark with the name of the band at the top right. The connotation is that because they are in darkness it could mean that the song is dark and gloomy. the man with his hands across his chest means that it could be a holy song.
Unknown Pleasures the denotation of this picture is that there are grey lines creating mountains on the picture the back ground is black. the connotation is that the black ground and the simple drawings mean that this is a slow and peaceful song.
Wish You Were Herethe denotation of this song is that there are two men shaking hands one man is on fire and on the right there is a gun facing them. the background is a military base. The connotation is that the man on fire could be bad. he could be intruding therefore everyone might want to kill him. this song could be about war.
 Who's Next the denotation for this cover is four men standing in the middle of "no where" with a cement object behind them. the men look dirty and the mountains look huge. the connotation for this song could be a happy song where you could just relax it also could be a bad song because at the top it says 'who's next'.
Nite Visions the denotation is a pink picture with some faint outlines that you can only see when you are zoomed out there are pink and white stripes. the connotation is that the writing is try to be kept as a secret like his trying to be hidden from the cover. this could represent that the song has a secret message.
Parallel Lines the denotation is that there is 5 men and one women the men are dressed in black and the girl is dressed in white to stand out. the background is black and white thick stripes. the connotation is that the women stands out because her voice brings a contrast in the song.
Tutu the denotation is that there is a black man in the dark the cover is in black and white the man looks very serious. the connotation for this is that the song could serious with a serious message. because it is in darkness it could mean that the song isn't very happy.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Friday: i woke from my alarm which was on my phone. My phone is a good way to set an alarm because it is quick and simple. I watched TV while eating my breakfast as a hobby this is a good way to catch up on the news. Then I came home from school I played on my play station as a hobby then watched TV to see if there were any football transfers.

Saturday: I listen to music on my iPod on the coach on the way to my rugby match, this is a good way to motivate myself for rugby. after the match I text my friend to get in contact to meet up with my friends,phones are a simple and reliable way to get in touch with people. At 7 o'clock I watched Saturday night TV as entertainment.

Sunday: I had set an alarm on my phone because I had rugby training. When I got back from rugby I used my phone, laptop and iPod to help we my homework.
Waterloo road is a school where nobody cares, the teachers seem unmotivated to teach and the pupils look like they don"t want to be here. The head-teacher has gone crazy because he is throwing bills about. the pupils are wearing own clothes this means that they come here not for the education. The teachers are standing outside smoking in front of the pupils- this is not setting a good example to the children. There is a young boy looking around trying not to get caught selling drugs therefore he has got his hood up and a cap on when he sells the drugs he sells them in a hand shake. The school is pikey  because there is lots student in track-suits and big ear rings.  These examples show that waterloo road is a run down school that needs new teachers and new senior members of staff.