Wednesday, 25 September 2013

          Evaluation of Photoshop image

My overall Photoshop image is good, of course there is things I should improve, but i thinks it is good at the moment. Some thing that went well was that I had finished because this was my first time using Photoshop and I felt that at the start my end piece was going to be bad.
WWW: If someone was to do the connotation for my piece I think that they would find quite easy.                            If someone was to do the denotations of my piece I think that they would have any trouble doing it                I think that the idea of my piece was good, linking to stereo-types (without knowing).
EBI: On the last lesson I changed idea which was stupid because that gave me no time to make anything               exciting.
        I feel like my cover was too plain it wasn't very exciting and catchy. If I had used a contrast in colours i         think that it would have pushed my mark up. 


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  2. LOGO - Not Submitted

    EVAL - C3 - You have a sound sense of reflection in your evaluation, but it is a little short. There is not really a sense of your skill development though.
    T: focus on how you have developed your skills in this task.