Thursday, 24 October 2013

Everyday technology use :2

Friday: i woke from my alarm which was on my phone. My phone is a good way to set an alarm because it is quick and simple. I watched TV while eating my breakfast as a hobby this is a good way to catch up on the news. Then I came home from school I played on my play station as a hobby then watched TV to see if there were any football transfers.

Saturday: I listen to music on my iPod on the coach on the way to my rugby match, this is a good way to motivate myself for rugby. after the match I text my friend to get in contact to meet up with my friends,phones are a simple and reliable way to get in touch with people. At 7 o'clock I watched Saturday night TV as entertainment.

Sunday: I had set an alarm on my phone because I had rugby training. When I got back from rugby I used my phone, laptop and iPod to help me with my homework. Once i had finished doing my homework I played on my play station 3 (computer game device) I play on my ps3 because it is enjoyable and in some ways  relaxes me. After playing on my ps3, i would watch rugby on television i would watch rugby because I play rugby it helps me understand what i have to do to become a better a rugby player. i would take notes using my phone. Also i watch rugby on television because I enjoy it.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

                                                  How to edit a photo/picture in Photoshop

There are many ways to edit a picture and so many different ways to do it. I am going to help you                 how to create a great photo.

Step:1 First we will adjust how bright the picture we will do this by going to image, adjustment and to brightness and contrast. You can mess about with this to get the right colours for you.
Step:2 next you will want to highlight her face by the icon that says edit in quick mask. Highlight her face to use as a new layer.
Step 3: Now we will be able to edit easier. We will now use a tool called the spot healing brush this will sample her face and replace it. Then highlight and rub. This should be a rather long process
Step 4: once you have done that Photoshop will blend the skin to make the best shade.
Step 5: Quick mask her eyes (you should know how to do that) And repeat.
Step 6: Then go to adjust and curves. Mess about with this for a bit and you will get a feel on how to use this tool.
Step 7: Do this process for what you need/ want to do with the picture.
Ihope these steps will help you change the colour of a photo.




This is ok  but you don't really explain how you perform the task here, you need images to help you. 

T: Please finish this task fully explaining how you use the tool using step by step images.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

                                                      Women used as sexual objects

I disagree with the whole concept of women being sexual objects. The artist are persuading the women to be in these music. But some of the girls used in these videos think that this is there dream and that they will make a huge living of doing these videos. A music video girl's career would around ten videos and that is not enough to live of.

Some girls think that they have to do a couple of music video for free before they can have their big brake in this industry. Furthermore, digital Dan said 'if they are getting paid they have to: stand there,shut up and get their breasts out. This means that if they are going to get paid they are commanded to do what the artist tells them to do. This is meaning that men are more superior the women which they are not they are equal.

Also, the women have to wear really revealing outfits to make them more sexy looking. The men who cased the women for these shoots are very flirty when they meet their client. This is to seduce the music video girl to do what the artist wants the music video girl to do.

However it is not always the man's fault some of the music video girls only want a career in this business to sleep with the artist. This increase their reputation and they become well known. Also  some of the girls wear bikini's or thongs to make the music video more sexual.

The song can sometime be really bad but because the music video is so outrageous this makes the song popular, e.g. blurred lines is an poor song  but because the music video has girls topples, dancing in thongs the song has become popular and has got over 2 million views on you tube.

Overall music video girls are a bad representative of girls on a whole.




You have a number of good points here, but you don't really have any specific examples to back up your points made.

T: Find examples and apply them to your chosen videos to help you fully explain your points.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

powerpoint review

                                             Powerpoint review

www:-We completed the powerpoint with lots of data and pictures.
          -Our presentation was well-rehearsed and we knew what to say.
          -I think that our powerpoint was eye catching therefore it stood out.

ebi:-We should have used animations.
      -We should have used background music to show that our powerpoint is something different.
      -We should have added more pictures to help people who have trouble with reading.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

I absolutely disagree with this statement. Some the reasons why I disagree with this statement is that you do not have to be a man just because you don't have to have a lot of money. A man is anyone a man could be gay, straight, black, white. A man doesn't have to love money. Most rugby players don't have a lot of money and yet the majority of professional rugby players would win a fight against 50 cent or jay-z. The connotations of 50 cent is that he is a tough man, that he is very wealthy (their is no denying that he is rich)and he beats up all the wimps and the weak men. "know man is a man who does not make himself better" this statement contrasts wrappers because wrappers make their money then retire. Wrappers just talk about how they smoke weed, the kill people, they get drunk every night and they get all the girls. however this is just a front. This makes them look hard and that if you verbally abuse them they will kill you. Wrappers try and think there tough through there looks and there music. You are not weak or a wimp if you don't get all the women. What they are trying to portray is a stereo-typical really good life for a man, this is not the life that all men. Furthermore, I hope this is not how my life turns out. That life is what is known as a "player!" Their is no such thing as a perfect man's life all men are different. Some men are good at sport, some men are good at music, some men are good at dance and drama and some men are just good at academic subjects like geography, science, maths. There is know definition, in my eyes, of a real man. That is why I completely disagree.