Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Friday: i woke from my alarm which was on my phone. My phone is a good way to set an alarm because it is quick and simple. I watched TV while eating my breakfast as a hobby this is a good way to catch up on the news. Then I came home from school I played on my play station as a hobby then watched TV to see if there were any football transfers.

Saturday: I listen to music on my iPod on the coach on the way to my rugby match, this is a good way to motivate myself for rugby. after the match I text my friend to get in contact to meet up with my friends,phones are a simple and reliable way to get in touch with people. At 7 o'clock I watched Saturday night TV as entertainment.

Sunday: I had set an alarm on my phone because I had rugby training. When I got back from rugby I used my phone, laptop and iPod to help we my homework.

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  1. Good work Conor, you have mentioned why you use the products as well as how many that you use.

    I would suggest that you add more products as i am sure you use more....