Monday, 10 March 2014


What TWO conventions have i used & why?

1: I have used a famous footballer on the front cover because he would attract female attention furthermore, he is very wealthy. Also this footballer is a model so he does fit in with this type of act.
Also, he is looking straight at the camera with the caption ' Gomez gets girls' This is to show girls who don't know who he is that he is quite popular. He is the main celebrity on the cover. To show how popular Gomez is he is on the front
2 I have used a mix of pink, blue and white with the title in a bold purple i have used different fonts on the title and the stories. I have used a different font for the pink colour in contrast to the blue colour. My cover is asymmetrical because the main headlines are on the more busy side.
3 I have not made my cover symmetrical which could be a problem because the audience could look at the busy side when a headline that they would like could be on the other side. This would mean I would loose a customer. Furthermore I could have put a shaded back ground on each of my headlines to make them stand out more catching the attention of the reader.

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