Thursday, 9 January 2014

lifestyle magazine covers lol

This magazine is cosmapoliton it is a magazine on fashion and gossip. The connotation  of this cover is a picture of Kim Kardashian. This picture has been photoshopped to make her look even better looking. This is to show the people who read this will want to be like her even tho this image has been messed about with to make her look even better.

The main focus of this cover is the celebrity/model. She is in front  of the title so when the reader picks up the magazine she/he will see the picture of the celebrity/model. Some of the captions are in front of the photo so when the reader has finished looking at the celebrity/model they will focus on the captions

This magazine is about mens health (hence the name "Men's Health") This magazine's target audience is men who go to the gym. This magazine has got a picture of David Beckham on the front. David is an inspiration to men. So for him to be on the front, it would attracted a lot of attention. This would make the magazine more popular.

One of the main captions is "GET BACK IN SHAPE!" This would attract men who are not happy with their weight. The font of this caption is bold and bigger than the other captions. This magazine is about getting abs and make yourself look stronger.

This magazine is rolling stone. However it is hard to read the title over the picture of Katy Perry in her underwear. i think this is to attract male attention. Some of the captions are about Katy this is to attract female attention because women want to be like her. This magazine has a big caption than has little captions under the bigger one. This is so when the reader reads the top one they will read the ones below.

The target audience for this is probably young men and women because tis magazine is about the latest music. Furthermore, it has a picture of Katy Perry in a bikini. This attracts men because she is being seductive with her look. This attracts women as well because women/girls look to Katy Perry as inspiration for looks.

This is a glamour magazine although he can't really obvious because it is covered up with another celebrity who has been photoshopped and does't look like that real life because her waste isn't that skinny. Also they have an article on her just incase you didn't know who she is. This is also to attract attention to Dannii Minouge after reading the title. The background is white so that the pink writing stands out more and the reader are drawn to the writing of the sub-titles.

This magazine is about fashion, it has sub-headings about Glamour Sex Wheel and Male Mind. This draws the readers attention to look at the magazine because they want to find out what theses titles really mean, and how they can effect the reader. IT also has a big heading about "cool prints, sexy trousers and hot skirts" This is to attract female attention.

This magazine is OK and is about TV gossip. The name/ logo of this magazine is covered up by the price tag. This is to show that magazine is really cheap and could mean that the magazine is cheap and tacky. IT could also be full of adverts so the magazine will make money. This magazine, like the others, has got a picture of a model on it. This is to attract male attention because she is in a bikini.

This magazine is different to the others  because it has different sections on different things. It has pink boxes that stand out with white writing also the main headlines of the white writing are in yellow so they stand out even more.

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