Thursday, 12 December 2013

Number of the Beast The denotation of this picture is that there is a skull with a grey wig on, there is a small red devil on the front of the CD cover. The connotation of the cover is that the skull and devil represents that this piece of music is meant to be scary. 
Born in the USAIs This It The denotation of this cover is that there is a man in blue jeans and a grey t-shirts with a red hat with the U.S.A. flag behind him. The connotation of the picture is that i think it could be a American themed song it could be about a man
The denotation is that a picture of a nude women with a black glove on her hand. this picture is in black and white. The connotation is that the song could be romantic song because her skin is really smooth which means it could be a smooth song.
Queen IIThe denotation of this cover is there is 4 men with long hair in pitch black except for there faces. which has spotlights on them. The connotation of this is that because it is in darkness which means this song glooming.
Unknown Pleasuresthe denotation for this peice it that th

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